Right I'm gonna make this reeeeeaaaal quick

Not mixed
Very Bare
Using logic 8 with my band 'Mortalitas'
We're metal, the track on myspace is one of our nicer ones
Going to post more demo's later but verrrrrry soon
Yes these are DEMO'S
My skill on logic is lacking but when I get better we can record better

Please check out www.myspace.com/mortalitas1 to hear it
Add us tell us what you think, really appreciate it

I also make my own DnB, I know this is a guitar site but why not


If you do this, thank you for your time, even if you just click the page and decide you don't want to, that's cool, basically support us

if you wanna comment post here or pm me, be harsh, nice whatever you really think

Cheers for reading
Many Thanks

If your into electronic check out www.myspace.com/rowlamusic
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