I just got a Wilson Ten Spot wah today. Since I'm an RHCP fan, this wah put me in heaven; it can get the various Frusciante wah tones, and handles gain well. At first i was disappointed because the sweep didn't function quite like the BYOC wah I had before but once you get used to it it's great. Lots better than spending $400 on a real WH-10.
cool beans! care for writing a review for the ultimate wah thread? can't remember if i have it up there already



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Nice. I'm interested myself in one of these. Does it gets close to the real deal? also which one did you buy? the ten spot or ten spot II? I have to go after review and impressions from other peoples since there are non here in Sweden of them.

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Ugh. All the clips I've tried to make come out pretty crappy through my laptop's internal mic. I know the Wilson site has some clips, and someone here made a nice clip although that might've been a Ten Spot 2. Either way, the original Ten Spot will at least get you super close to the Frusciante wah sound;I'm not going to bother trying to return it for a Ten Spot 2.