hi UG,
i've been interested in guitar/bass recording for some time now (due to youtube vid's).
i know youtube isn't the best place to find quality tones, but there were some exceptions.
that is why i want to know what kind of equipment is the best and cost efficient option for guitar/bass recording.

i've been doing some research and i have come up with this setup.
i want to make sure if this is the most efficient way to do it.
the setup for recording guitar would be:
les paul (coil tapped) -> tube amp that i haven't yet decided -> ts9 -> boss me-70 (only for mod,reverb and delay) -> amp again -> shure sm57 -> (the audio interface ??) -> laptop
bass would be similar but without amp:
fender j bass -> sansamp bass driver di -> boss me-70 (using only octave and compression) -> (the audio interface ??) -> laptop

i welcome all suggestions so please don't hesistate to disagree with my setup if it is bad. thanks!

ps. im sorry if my english sucks, im from korea
This is a good read (found in Gear Collection sticky):


As is the Riffs and Recordings Forum and the stickies they have there.

Audio Interface, depends on budget - but the M-Audio, Pod Studio (Toneports), and Presonus (sp?) work well on a budget.