Okay these are lyrics instead of the usual poem

Verse 1:

Not easy to forget
when these scars won’t heal

Can’t look around me
I live life surreal

fa-llen and bro-ken
my dreams fall to hell

At least when I die
I’ll be somewhere else (held note)


Oh God
Can you he-ar me?
Oh God
Are you there?

Verse 2:

Pain seems to roll on
An uncaring fool

While I sink deeper
My own thoughts they duel

Who am I? Why did I?
Pain never goes

Seems everyones laugh-ing
while I live in woe

Chorus 2:

Oh God
Can you he-ar me
Oh god
Are you there?
Help me,
Oh please God he-lp me
Oh god
Do you care?

repeat this again and end with screaming of Do You Care!