on musician's friend they're all crazy discounted. if you've been thinking about one, why not drop $30 for that pedal you've been checking out. last week they had some crazy bbe discounts and now it's back up, so act quickly if you want 'em.
is this spam?
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I've never smoked before but it looks like fun.
It's not spam cause it's not true.
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I'd throw a Marshall MG at him while he succumbs to tone killing gain.

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Spend all $200 on M&M's, then find a friend with an acoustic, and fill the body with them. Why? Because you can.

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is this spam?

nah dude i just figured someone would wanna know.
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It's not spam cause it's not true.

did you even check it out?
They do have some crazy deals on there right now. I just got a Marshall Echohead delay for $39 on there a few days ago. (Normally $119)