this is a song i wrote to express how I feel. I post it in there because none of my friend want to read this, they say its too depresive, and they close their eyes on how I feel
this is not the only one but all the others are similar, and they were kind of only a brainstorming, puttin everything together, it give this song. I'm still searching the chords to go with it but well , any feedback, comment ( what is good, what is not, which part to keep, change, or delete) , insult, anything, would be appreciated.
of course they are mistake, I'm a french canadian, so if you could point them out it would help to

I feel the cold night's breeze
Bringin on olds memories
A nightmarish reminder
Of all the frozen tears I've dropped

Whispering deep in my soul
The nothing that I am
Reopening in my mind
All thoses forgotten scars

Why should I continue ?
I'm not welcome in there
Life is not my place
So unchained me now, please

Love, friendship and will to live,
All so wicked and torn
Hate, despair and will to leave
Never been so strong

I know you won't listen to me anymore
And now that you have cease to care
There is really nothing more to hold me here
Your arms havn't greet me, death will do instead

And you're asking : what can I do ?
But what I want, can't be given
And what I really need...
Is a bullet between my eyes

And they all say
Don't do it
Life is beautiful
But just for you to know
I'm already in hell
And whatever come next
Can't be worst

My own mind is twisted and weak
My heart have been shred up apart
Everything now crumble into ruin
Nothing but ashes remain

As I lay with all my open scrars
Hopelessly awaiting an angel to come
Will I ever see the light again ?
Bring me back into these shiny days

Fear, anger, sorrow, despair
Leading myself n notingness
Tears are flowing every night
My pain grows stronger as I fade away

I keep earing these voices
Telling to cut, kill, and waste myself
I keep listening to the whispers
Who tell me that I deserve this Hell

Hope and dreams are broken
Stained with impossibility
Facing the crude reality
Of a life I don't want to live
I'll turn the page
The last one of my existence
I'll end this story
And leave nothing but a memory
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