OK, so I'm a big fan of music... Duh, or i wouldn't be here. I really like bands like ArchEnemy, Children of Bodom and Nevermore on the metal side (i don't like alot of "beat the **** out of stuff cuz we think we sound cool" metal, but i like it heavy), and am also a pantera, and metallica fan, but my favorite bands are led zeppelin, Jimi hendrix follows closely, and then Guns and Roses. I also like the White Stripes alot, and this new ac/dc meets alternative rock stuff thats coming out like black stone cherry, buck cherry, and good old rock and roll, but i like music to have depth to it. I am also a guitar player, so i Like alot of shredders, and won't even listen to anything unless it has a good guitar solo in it... I like complicated songs as well. so why am i posting this random crap about me that you probably don't really care about? because i can't find any new music that really moves me... i NEED new music or i start feeling like my life is terrible and the world is coming to an end, so i'm looking for a new band, and ALBUM, (i really want it to be an actual album, not just a compilation) that i haven't heard yet. They don't have to be recent, just something that will change my life and make me feel like the world isn't coming to an end. so does anyone know a good band that i will like and keep in my car for a good month or so??
listen to persuader, blind guardian, hammerfall, norther, sentenced, poisonblack, sinergy
should do the trick for a while
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Blind guardian was pretty decent, and hammerfall wasn't too bad... anyone got anything else?? anything a little more cultured? anything less cultured???