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I like AC/DC any other bands like ac dc that you think I would like
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Airbourne, Lol
Quote by Jody LeCompte
"My personal preference has always been for a rack unit. One less thing to play dance dance revolution with on your pedalboard"

Are You a PROG-HEAD? I am.
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Quote by ReaperWaits
Airbourne, Lol

damn beat me too it
PRS SE custom Cherryburst
dean razorback V (green/black) currently on ebay
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Black Sabbath, Aerosmith, Van Halen, Metallica....just check some out
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I ran my mouse pointer over a link and the pointer changed and I thought it was the grenade danger indicator from COD5 so I was trying to find a way to move away from it but couldn't, so I panicked and ran out of the room.