Well, I've been considering getting a DI/Overdrive/stompbox unit for a while.

Originally, I was considering the progammable Sansamp, but the lack of a mid control began to turn me off.

So lately, I've been hearing alot about the Aguilar Tone Hammer. I checked Talkbass and Harmony Central, and the reviews seem to rave about it.

Just as a reference point, I play Brice fretless sixer usually through a Carvin BX600 head with an Avatar 212 cab. I play progressive/technical metal (think Cynic, Quo Vadis, and Spiral Architect) with some jazzier stuff (fusion and acid-jazz normally). I might also use this when I amplify my upright as well.

I like a fat, round, sound with enough punch to cut through the mix. I usually boost the mids, give the bass a little extra, and keep the highs pretty subdued.

I'm mainly interesting in this for recording, but also overdrive and for quick tone changes live.

So Bass Forum, does anyone have any experience with the Aguilar? It looks really solid, but i want to make sure before I buy.

Thanks in advance, guys.
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no exp. with it.
but, all the reviews ive read about it make it seem amazing. also, in the videos ive seen/heard, it sounds like pure sex.

so....... im thinking about getting one myself.