Right now I've got this guitar http://southjersey.craigslist.org/msg/1069535800.html (1997 fender american strat)
I've had a telecaster but i just sold it today even though i enjoyed the tone of it a lot. I played a http://www.samash.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/product_G5120%20Electromatic%20Hollow%20Body%20Electric%20Guitar%20Assorted%20Colors_-1_10052_10002_184024_cmCategorySA182593 (gretsch electromatic hollow body) and i thoroughly enjoyed it so much so that i have been considering selling my strat and getting a new amp and that type of gretsch.

Honestly i dont know much about tone or the quality, but i know i liked the feel of a telecaster and the gretsch only im not sure about what amp or guitar i should be looking at. I like playing a folky acoustic and i like playing clean, but still like the ability to put on some distortion to play grungy stuff or some lead guitar. A friend suggested a fender junior blues amp, and yeah its got a great sound but im also looking for something within the price range of 300-400 dollars and can be used to jam. My price range for a new guitar is 500-700$. Does anyone have any advice or suggestions about tone or how to figure out what guitars and amps i would like.
i think that the gretsh hollows are the only thing uglier that a strat (or a gibson for that matter)
but if you like playing it
then go ahead
but the hollow thing would be bad for metal
just like a jackson is bad for classical
Whats the difference between the hollow body gretschs and solid bodies. I played em both, but didnt really experiment with any distortion. And what would be a good amp for a hollow body gretsch