I entered a talent competition, not expecting to make it through all the way to the final, but still expecting to make it through to the next round at least.

I'd made my own backing tracks as well, since i haven't a band yet, and i'd practised them til my fingers were sore and my throat almost dead from my [admittedly rough] singing.

Theres no soundcheck, which worries me a bit, but the guy in charge ensures me that the guy working the sound levels is one of the best there is- because i want the backings to be loud, to simulate a full band.
The time comes and in the first song, i could hardly hear a thing. I had my guitar coming out of the stage speakers, and the backing and vocals out the main speakers, and it was all terrible, cos i couldn't hear a damned thing. The people in the audience could tell something was up, cos they couldn't hear my guitar, etc. The mix got better by the third song i did, but the damage was done.

I didn't make it through, and, much as i love playing live, i now have no idea when the next time i'll get to do something similar is. I'm gonna keep playing, and try to keep in high spirits, but right now, i feel crap.
Help cheer me up, Pit?
ah fuck, I can't believe you've done this
You're using UG classic, congratulations.
You should be using UG classic.

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Well its obviously not your fault, its whoever ran the sound sytem's fault.

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I am quite sorry to hear off your soundcheck man's folly.
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sorry bout posting that. Really needed to get it off my chest.
I had so high hopes for a good show, and it was soured so much by the stupid sound levels.
meh, there'll be other opportunities

i still feel a bit about it though. Thanks pit
I'm assuming u play geetar and sing? You should get a band man...

obviously not your fault though, I feel your pain.
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everyone has bad shows

just know the next one will be way better

cheer up

and im sorry it happened..it wasnt your fault

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I had sort of the opposite experience back in January for a talent show at my school. I had to perform two originals and a cover, and I was a solo performer (my second guitarist couldn't go), the only one out of all of them (there were five bands, including me). They decided at random who would go. I went first. I was still writing the melody for the second original literally five minutes before I had to go onstage. I didn't have any good lyrics at all for my originals, so I literally improvised (adding in a few lines that I had prepared, in the chorus of the second song), which resulted in me giving my serious-sounding melodies comedic lyrics (something like "You are all enraged/You probably want me to get off the stage/Because I'm not Jimmy Page") and joked with the audience a lot in between songs, which I think helped a whole lot. For my last song, I did a cover of "Wonderwall" by Oasis that was alright. One of the judges said I had a "Flight of the Conchords" style, and I was really happy about that.

The line-up:

1. Me, with my dad's Taylor acoustic (which I had to argue with him a lot in order to bring), my Hamer electric, and my Line 6 Spider III 75W (heh)
2. A very AC/DC-influenced band ("Shoot to Thrill" was the song they chose for the cover) containing two friends.
3. An emo-pop band that is widely known in our regional music scene and is going to record an album in Chicago in July.
4. A prog-metal band with an awesome lead guitarist, complete with tapping.
5. A band that... well, did a Katy Perry cover, followed by two poppy songs with random death metal screaming. Yeah.

I came in fourth, surprisingly (beating band #5), the AC/DC-influenced band got 3rd place ($50), prog-metallers got second ($75) and the famous emo-pop band got first ($100).

I was told by one member of the winning band to check out his acoustic side-project, which made me feel very honored, but I don't think I did.

I was also introduced to a ****ing AWESOME band that played while the judges were making their decisions. I'm going to their concert tomorrow and another one of theirs on Saturday. w00t.
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everyone has bad shows

just know the next one will be way better

cheer up

and im sorry it happened..it wasnt your fault

Dunno when i'll get to do something like this again! haha, it was kinda just a one off thing til the same contest takes place next year. I may see about doing small gigs possibly?
Not sure.
I haven't even watched the vids from tonight. I just know it felt so crap from stage, and was noticeably bad from the audiece.
Life goes on though i suppose

And awesome for Serveride! That sounds so cool!
I can feel some of your pain. Me and my friends did a talent show, and we set everything up so that I was gonna just sing the first two songs, and play and sing the last one. Well, we set everything up, and guess what? When it comes time to play the last one, I, in my genius, decide to set my loud ass amp to project between me and the monitors(we were borrowing amps, my friend got the fender blues deluxe, and I borrowed a 100w B-52). I couldn't hear myself for ****, and so singing on the last song was very, very poor. I'm still ashamed of that performance, although everything else went well as expected. But its not really a big deal now. You'll be fine.

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It doesn't seem like your fault.

You did everything right, so no reason to hate yourself, just the douche who refused to do a sound check.

Best of luck next time!
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As one sided as this is gonna sound, no i honestly don't think it was my fault
In order to try and revive the show i even fell to my knees and played behind my head for the solo in Parisienne Walkways (one of the songs i covered).

I wanna do it again SO badly! (only right this time of course!)

It was the first time i've ever had the chance on a big stage though, so that makes it seem worse i suppose.
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Today, 100s of children became orphans. Tonight, they mourn heir parents.

True. Which is how i cheer myself up tbh.
Worse things happen elsewhere, so how come i feel bad bout something so small?!

still hurts though
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