Hey guys, a quick question: does the Harley Benton 5W head suffer from the same flabby low end as the Epi Valve Junior?

I ask this as I'm looking for a low wattage amp to potentially replace my Laney LC30, since I've had it for four years now, and I can't foresee myself playing any more gigs in the near future. I'm also looking at the Orange AD5, but the 10 inch speaker puts me off slightly, though I realise its probably of better quality than the Harley Benton. I have an EQ pedal.


P.S. I'm not looking for a modding project, I just want something that will suit me off the shelf. I usually play low gain rock, and I use my pedals to get a rough grungey sound when the fancy takes me.
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It's basically a copy of the VJ, so I'd expect it to. There was a sound sample on thomann.de which sounded exactly like my VJ.

EDIT: I'd much rather have the DA5. Or a Laney VC15 for that matter. What's the problem with a 10" speaker?

2ndEDIT: You only get the demo when you use the site in German, it's a sound sample recorded with the combo. Not sure if it helps any bit.
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I'm just really used to a 12" speaker, played through one for the past 5 years or so, I'm probably just being a bit fussy though
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I say try the amps out. For home use, you won't need the added bass of a 12" speaker anyway. it should sound fine with proper eq-settings.

I edited my first post with a sound sample, by the way.