I have a fuzz box for my practice amp because it has no gain. well, i put a brand new 9 volt in it yesterday, after i played for about three or four hours, i turned it off. the light was off and everything, and this morning, i turned on the amp, and the battery was dead!

So i'm really not sure what to do, because i go through a battery like every day. It's my first pedal, so i'm not too sure what to do. haha

Any help would be much appreciated.
or take the guitar lead (from guitar to pedal) out, some pedals even tho they are turned off use battery power if the lead is still plugged in, my zakk wylde wah will use battery even if it's off if i have the lead plugged in
You have to unplug it from the input jack to keep the battery from running out. the output jack doesn't matter, just the input jack
Do you leave your jacks in the pedal while not playing, because I know one of the two(input or output) needs to be deconnected, because it's what tells the pedal when to be active
then that battery sux, get a different battery and make sure you unplug the input on the pedal after every use.
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even then it still doesnt last long
ac/dc adapter is a must

that's what i'm going to do i guess.
i didn't even think to unplug it, but with an adapter, i won't have to worry about it.
Leaving the jack in will kill a batt fast. And some fuzz pedals can be power hogs. A power adapter solves both issues.