I just got a new Vox Valvetronix 30 watt for my birthday yesterday and it's pretty nice, but there's a problem: whenever I change the amp model, the volume drastically increases, even when the volume is set to low. I've found that moving the volume knob a little returns it to its original volume and if I turn the knob all the way down I can change models without the change in volume, but it's really bothering me a bit. Also, when I change to the red channel with the volume on, the amp will make a screeching noise until either I turn off the volume or the amp.

I'm not sure if this is a problem for other people but this has happened on both mine and the one I tried at the store. Is this a recurring problem for these amps? Is there anything I can do about it?
there isnt a problem. it sounds to me like you are running the amp on the preset mode or on a programed channel you made. Turn it to manual and st the volume controls where u likre them. the prests suck anyway
The screeching sound is comming from having one of the effects turned on and cranded up to high for your volume level and playing distance from the amp. Either turm the effect off by pressing bypass or open your manual and learn how to use the amp and adjust the effects. the manual can tell u alot.
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hey i got a valvetronix 100 and i spilled a little water on it like a few drops and it was just on the frame of the top and it was ok first then the next day it made some weird cracking noises and now thers not much high gain i was wondering if its completely gone or can i just replace the tubes
^please use a comma, period, or something that'll make your post a little less of a headache to read bro...

but yea, run those amps in 'Manual' mode...that's the only way to do those amps justice. hope that fixes it!
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Hmm... Mine was doing the exact same thing. I just thought one of the IC's went but I nevered bothered to check if it was on preset (never used 'em). Maybe I didn't have to buy a new amp after all (lol). Guess I will dig the Vox out and retest.