so i was just thinking
should i get a crappy15-20 watt starter amp or just go right ahead and get a 70+?
Watts don't determine quality. There's good 5w amps and there's bad 100w amps.

If you tell us what music you want to play and how much you are willing to spend, we can suggest something.
what do you mean 70+? How long have you been playing?
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70+ is pretty serious business. do you plan on gigging? if not then id say dont go higher than 30

and wattage doesnt determine quality, if you want really awesome tone, but dont wanna break the bank then you should do your research
haha like just starting out
but ive played bass for 2 plus years and i find it boring and repetitive
so i wanna get a good amp to go with my jackson
(i play hardcore mostly)

im also using it to play music in my bedroom
Get a good amp. Wattage doesn't nesecarily mean good.
Like people above said, you can get a great amp w/ 15 watts.
It also depends on your price range.
What are you willing to spend? Also, are you willing to buy used?
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i actually thing now after looking i want either a roland cube or a marshall of some sort

*edit LOUD AND HARD of course
Peavey Vypyr then:

It does high-gain stuff well, but is also very versatile. A good all around starter amp.

EDIT: Marshall's in the starter price range aren't too great. Cubes are okay, but I like the sound of the Peavey better.
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We still don't know your budget, but you'd be hard pressed to get a good Marshall around a price I'm assuming you are willing to spend. Check out the peavey vypyr.
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that is a really nice amp
and i love that it has a tuner in it
it looks like that might be the winner
if we even have it in aus
I'm gonna assume that since you're asking about it, you can afford a 70 watt amp.

Well, I'd go for what you like. You probly got into guitar to hang out with other people and jam, to perform, etc. etc. You gotta go with what you like. If you want to get a 150w Mesa Boogie Triple Recto (hell yea) it's all on you. Just make sure that you don't get eyes too big and screw up big time like I did with my Ibanez S Prestige. Take the time to play it, have someone else play it, etc. Okay?
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well i have my jackson JS1 and i plan on getting a amp slightly cheaper than the guitar
so around 300-350
im probbably gonna get the roland cube 15
because its the only one in the music stores im near to that i like

*edit scrap the 15 im gonna get the 20
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