Hi, first of all, I just wanted to say thanks to this forum for making recording possible for me; I wouldn't be able to figure out any of the stuff if it wasn't for this forum.

Anyways, I now want to start recording vocals. For vocals, you would just plug the mic straight into the interface right?

or would you have to mic up a p.a. system for that?

anyways, i hooked up my mic straight into the interface.
the problem is that, when i put it straight onto the song, it sounds very dull,flat, and doesnt have that "oomph."

so what effects would i have to put on it.
like reverb? compressor? what kind of eq? or what?

Could you put an mp3 sample of the vocals on your profile?

Sounds like you're doing it fine, it could be the mic type (guessing dynamic?), placement, technique, or any number of other things. You certainly don't need to hook up a PA to record vocals, but I suppose you might have your interface set up wrong. What is it?
im using a 1394 pre-sonus firewire. i usually use the sm57 to record guitars (placing it in front of the amp)

but for the vocals, i'm using a shure beta-58. or should i use the sm57 also?

well the thing is, it sounds really dull/flat right now. and i know you need to use effects like reverb/compression/etc. and eq(any idea what to do with the eq, like high boost, mid boost or anything?).

so do you know what effects to "enhance" the vocals?

thanks :]
Well for starters, do a test with both the mics to see which one you think suits your voice best. That'll give you a better idea of where to start from.

It would be helpful if you could post a sound clip....

But in the meantime, you can tidy your vocals up with a little compression. Nothing too major, because that will probably make the problem worse. Reverb is definitely a good idea on vocals, but again, nothing too much unless you are going for a specific effect. EQ is an experimentation thing...you have to spend a lot of time using the EQ to really understand what it does to the voice, although I think it will prove to be your most useful tool here.

One thing I don't understand when people post this stuff (and I don't mean to be disrespectful to you) is why say 'should i use reverb, eq or whatever'? Why not just try it and see if it makes it sound good? Then you can ask more specific questions etc.

Maybe it's just the way you worded it, maybe you did already try but didn;t know how to use it at all. If so , sorry.
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Beta-58 is a pretty bright mic as it is, might just be the vocal technique or a combination of other things. It's generally a good mic for vox, though it might even be worth trying the SM57 just to see which works best.

If it sounds a bit flat, start by boosting the highs a little in the top end (around 5 to 8k, say) and pull out some of the lower mids, particularly around 300-700Hz.
Without hearing the vocals I can't give you much advice other than to experiment - start with a short plate reverb with a low diffusion ad adjust to taste. If you filter out the bass and lower mids from the reverb it'll give the vocals an added prescence, though it's really easy to overdo it. I wouldn't normally put compression on a dynamic mic unless the vocals really need it, so try that out and see if you prefer the sound with or without.

Just have a mess about with the settings and you'll get there eventually!
If you get a chance to upload a sample I'm sure someone who knows what they're talking about will be able to give you some more specific advice...
yeah presonus stuff has pretty good mic pres, so go straight to the interface. standard effects are light reverb in compression in order to make them sit better in the mix.
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maybe its just that i have a bad voice. =P

so yeah, heres the eq i "tried" to do. my voice definately sounds better, but do you guys suggest anything else? does the eq look reasonable? ahaha

i tried to follow a guide somewhere on google, but i noticed that i didn't cut anything.

so here it is

i can't really tell if that's reasonable without hearing it. A good way to tell with EQing is to use a spectral analyzer, to see where your vox are supposed to sit in and where they are clashing with other instruments.
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