Alright I'm pretty proud of these lyrics. I put a lot of time and effort into getting some of the things in here (such as the "Make me your queen-your esther-who's growing old")

So I guess we can C4C

Also, this isn't even close to complete yet. I only have 2 verses and the chorus down.

[Verse 1]
Make sure the reveries are heard and make it through the everlasting light.
Full of fear, it's growing near and sends envy past my might.
From greedy sins to garbage pins, I must make this voice be heard.
Preemt this desolence and find the golden bird.
It'll come, it'll go. Killing just to stay inside.
Reprieve to me and then you'll see someone crawl up and die.

Watch out, my end is near and you well better be scared.
Vespers in and head abuse and you may be the one impared.
Take time, deplore your words and you better not come back around,
Cuz my memories wait and you'll be the one flat on the ground.

[Verse 2]
Make me your queen-your Esther-who's growing old.
Open a lane and lose my sane. Atrophy the cold.
Lust and Pride is all inside. It's all one big fiction;
Taking time from ardent ones who replace my petitition.
It'll come. It'll go. Killing me, I don't know why.
Reprieve to me and then you'll see someone crawl up and die.

My acoustic orginals
My voice isn't that great...but take a listen. I still have yet to perfect my vocals