well i play hardcore/metalcore music and i saw this amp for sale at a shop for 375 in working order and its 850 online. and i think i might get it b/c of the price. its not my first amp that i would want but for the price i think i might get it. so do u think if a get a metal pedal and i am getting getting emg's do u think it will sound haft way decent? or do u think i should just get the b-52 at 112? like i was going to
will not do hardcore/metalcore at all. l would go with the b-52. or a used peavey XXX or something similar.
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The B-52 will get you a much better tone for that style of music.

The Hot Rod Deluxe won't get you anywhere near it.



Terrible choice for those genres. 375 is a bit less than they go for used, but everything is getting cheaper used so it's not that much of a deal.
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