Hi guys and girls, first post so hello to all.

I have an ovation acoustic guitar from 1979 i beleive. I got it a couple of years ago for about £350. Sounds beautiful and plays really nice. I knew when i got it, it didn't play through an amp as the pick up was broke and needed rewired or something like that. So took it to the shop yesterday to see if they could fit a new one.

However i'm not really one for knowing how to judge the condition of a guitar so yesterday i found out that it wasn't in the greatest state.
Basically i noticed the frets were giving a muted sound on the 6th,7th and 8th frets on the high E. So i took it to the shop to get it looked at.

The guy said the body was slightly warped as if something might have been pressing down on it.
Also the neck wasn't as straight as it should be which he believes is causing the muting sound.

So what was initially just a trip to get the new pick up fitted turned out to be a whole lot worse.
So, does anyone know if this will be expensive to get sorted? What sort of price am i looking at to get it up and running again?
maybe the guys at the shop screwed it up the first time. sounds weird. also, welcome to the site
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probably should of asked the guys at the shop while you were there

Well the guy in the shop said he only deals with the basic repairs and things. Had to wait for the other fella to come in so i left it with him.

What kinda price would you guys go to to see it back to normal might i ask?
To get an older warped acoustic with a not so good neck back into shape? Plenty.
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Oh really? I'm glad i found this place then should be some help as i'm not so clued up on this sort of stuff.

When i get it back i'll let you guys know what sort it is and things. Maybe try and get a wee picture up too.

So can anyone give me a rough figure on the sort of price i would expect to pay for this sort of repair?

Just so i don't have a heart attack when i go into the shop tomorow.
Also, the guy said it is quite hard to get parts for ovations now, or at least the sort i'm after. Any truth in this?
ok got back from the shop today, the guy is actually in tomorow so won't know till then.

Other guy looked at it and reckons he will say around £50-150. Warped body and neck is out of line which is why i think im getting the muted sound?

there is a slight crack near the sound hole too so this is more than likely why it has warped?

Can i ask does this make any difference to the actual playing and overall sound of the guitar? or just cosmetic. im guessing that it will only get worse if it isn't sorted?

As i said i really don't have a clue on stuff like this so anyone who can maybe give me a few words of advice would be greatly appreciated.

thanks again
oh sorry the model number is 1112 which is a custom balladeer i believe. and was made in connecticut. I'm not sure how to find the exact date but think i found out before it was 1979.