Being born and raised by a good loving family, I come here with respect for others and i value their opinions. However, it seems that whenever I bring up an issue or question in this forum, regardless of how many others here who may have the same question or issue, and regardless of how many people are currently taking part in that discussion, the threads always seem to end up closed.. Often, they are closed before it is even possible to retrieve an intelligent, respectful, and informational response from them. If saidfairly standard threads were not closed before they bear their fruit, many would have answers to questions that cannot be answered otherwise. Questions would be answered, and theories would be heard. For example, we can create a discussion about:

(1) - What would have occured had Hitler actually been a 6 Foot, Eleven Inch tall African American?

(2) - Had JFK been assassinated by a trio of young children with paintball guns, how would our country fare?

(3) - If your nipples were able to change colour on command, Which colour would most commonly be chosen? (Please explain your reasoning.)

(4) - If nuclear weaponry were legal in the form of small capsules that detonated in a radius of roughly 3 inches? (Perhaps the newest trend in Recreational Sports!)

(5) - If incest was legally and morally acceptable, Would you or would you not? (This situation can likely be attained by using many of the suggestions from the drug thread.)

I have been wondering and considering the possible outcomes had these situations occured in society. I am sure that many of you here in the Ultimate-Guitar community are also wondering something along the same lines. I look forward to being able to build my knowledge due to the discussion of these topics.