Here's a couple more songs for my band Gears.

Abaddon: Not much to say about this one. Not sure exactly how this song will work out if we don't get a keyboardist.

triosong5 (now has a title, Invicta): Benea Reach/Meshuggah influenced song. Not sure about the first couple of bars from the solo. It's some Japanese scale I've known about for a while, just never knew where to use.
Abaddon + triosong5.zip
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So much metal stuff on here these days. I'm listening to "Abaddon". I take it the vocals are very guttural? I like the rhythmic variations around 3 minutes in. The riff at around 4:30 is neat. I was expecting the drums to change and then later for it to turn into a solo. Ah, nice a solo did happen. Maybe it'd sound cool for the drums to as well while the guitar is still riffing. Something with the rhythm of high hats being 4 16th notes followed by a 1/4 note if you see what I'm saying. Enjoyable listen. Well done.

You can check out what I've written if you like. "Idle Wing" is the closest thing to metal of the 3 in my signature. Who knows, you may like the others as well.
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