i'm not exactly sure what it means to have the neck being warped.

i have an electric guitar with a bolt on neck and a licensed original floyd rose

my problem is that the 24th fret [last fret] on the low e string is flatter than it should be

how can i fix this? i tried playing around with the height of the bridge havent done anything with the truss rod yet. can anyone help?
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thats the intonation of the guitar. i'm not familiar with FR bridges, but my vintage trem has screws on the ends of the saddles, that adjust the intonation. theres some good setup guides on here that will explain to you what to do.
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don't even mess with a FR if you don't know what you are doing, the best thing to do is take it in for a set up, it might cost a few bucks but it will keep you from destroying ur axe
you will most likely need a setup as it could be warping of the neck or it could be a problem on the Floyd rose.
the intonation needs setup. kind of hard to tell you how to do it though because all bridges are a little different. most shops only charge like $25-$30 to setup your whole guitar so that may be the way to go.
If it is just one fret or string on said fret, I would actually say it's more likely the fret needs adjusted vs. the bridge.