It was pretty sweet. The biggest flaw it has is that wretched bass guitar (I am assuming it is a bass guitar). I think you should either get rid of it or lower its volume in the mix, because it really takes away from the beauty of the acoustic and the great riffing. It is nice and has a warm Arizona atmosphere. I really liked when the whole vibe kind of changed half way through, but still flowed well. Overall really well put together.

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thanks man-

there is no bass guitar the whole thing is just one acoustic. actually i wrote/played this with only 5 strings (A D G B e) so my thumb hitting the A is the bass. I double tracked and EQ'd the guitar so thats probably what you're hearing, ill go back through and check it out.

Im at work right now but ill crit yours when i get home
love it, it flows nicely and it's relaxing. do you mind telling me which chords you used?
thanks a lot man,

i think most everything revolves around the chords A minor, F Major, and some sort of suspended G (bar @ 3rd fret, hammer from 3rd to 5th fret on either G or B string)

hope that helps
Very nice! I really like it. Lovely chords and picking. Held my attention well, especially considering it was just a guitar on its own!
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Just listened to what I could of this, as I said in your comments my bro is hogging the internet connection.

From what I heard I liked, kinda reminds me of the chord progressions of In Flames.

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You are letting your notes die out just before you play the next ones. Nothing horrible, and it may just be a difference in musical preference, but if you let them ring out as you played the ones after them, I think it would sound more fluid. Other than that, I really like this tune.
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