Please bear with me, as this might sound a bit confusing, I want to know if an Air Norton DP193 fit in an Ibanez GRX40?

Ibanez GRX40=http://www.overclockers.com.au/wiki/Images/8/87/GRX40.jpg


I recently purchased the pickup on ebay but realized that the Ibanez GRX40 doesn't have two humbuckers(?) for the neck, it only has one. But as shown above, the Air Norton has two humbuckers. So am I screwed, or is there a way that this Air Norton can fit in the neck of my guitar.

Also, if nothing can be done about the Air Norton fitting in the neck pickup spot of my guitar, could I put it in the bridge and play with a stock ibanez pickup and the air norton. Or will that sound off balanced?
well it looks like what you got is a guitar with a single coil pickup in the neck position (not a humbucker at all) and it won't fit a humbucker on account of it being twice the size.
you'd have to route for it, but, honestly, i don't think it'd be worth it for that guitar. unless it has some serious sentimental value for you, i'd recommend a new guitar before you put nice pickups in a starter guitar.
as far as i know, the air norton is designed for the neck, so its performance in the bridge would probably be sub-par, but it's for your ears to decide not mine. scan youtube for some clips that could help you make a decision.


before I go on supporting your pickup shopping spree, i'm obligated to encourage you to get a new amp first, because great pickups through a crappy amp sound like crap, but not exactly vice versa.
on the website it says: "In the bridge position, the sound is medium output with solid lows and biting harmonics. You can try it here with 250K controls, or a 500 K volume and 250K tone to fatten the highs up a little. Combines well with Air Classic™ in neck, and also with Cruiser™, Chopper™ and Blue Velvet™ single-coils."
maybe search youtube for some vids with it in the bridge position