Ive started building a fuzzrite ive looked at several schematics and decided to go with the one at fuzz central, so i ordered the parts and while i was waiting for them to come i decided to do some more research wat i found was there is major disagreement about wat exactly is in a fuzzrite most agree it has 4*470k resistors and .002uf and .05uf caps 2 of each apart from that it seems to have a 22k resistor too.

wat i wanna know is where to put that 22k resistor in relation to the schematic and pcb layout found on fuzz central? mostly because ive already ordered parts based on that layout.

as well as that i was wondering if theres anyone out there who knows wat they're talkin about who owns a fuzzrite (preferably not an early germanium one) that they know for sure is an original! who would be willing to open it up and pull it to bits for the greater good and solve the mystery once and for all time!

PS. apparently as well as the discrepancies found in fakes and replicas mosrite themselves because of major financial troubles were unable to afford new parts and were forced to put whatever resistors and tranies they could find in some fuzzrites.

also could some one please stick a multimeter on the pots and and tell us wat they realy are.

heres the link to the fuzz central schematics
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are you mixing up 22k with 2m2?

it goes where ever it is on your schematic that you are working off of.
missed that one its not on the schematic only on the layout but its got to be wrong definitely 22k two red one orange band it seems to be in most of the more reliable photos. but surely theres someone out there who owns an original.
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try asking over at diystompboxes. i'm sure someone over there will definitely know.

i'd just stick with the layout, breadboard it then see how it sounds before saying if anything is definitely wrong. i didnt read anything on the schematic about a 22k resistor. there was a 33k but that is apparently the volume control.
mmm its just ive looked at a fair few pics and never once seen a 2m2 plus it a bit hard to trust it wen its not one even on the schematic any way i'll try diystompboxes then someone must know for sure. not that i care that much i guess but it just seemed like the circuit for this pedal was shrowded in more mystery than most vintage effects granted there are disagreements about the exact circuits for lots of pedals but this one especially because of all the fakes and stuff.

plus i didnt order 2m2 because its not one the schematic and i didnt notice it at first on the layout.