I bought my epi vjr with the idea to build something really nice. I had considered doing what some do gut it and put a turret board etc inside. But then I would have a pile of epi parts and the single amp. I figured for the cash I could just scratch build a different amp and mod the epi to do what I want. Then I have 2 tube amps. I have a book "tonnes of tone" with the detailed plans on how to build a push/pull power amp. I went with the 2 6v6 set up supposed to be rated around 13 watts, the plans say its as easy as swapping for 6l6 and rebias. As Im gonna run it in stereo with my epi vjr it doesnt need to be high wattage anyways. I was using a dean markley 50w SS bass amp somebody gave me as my second amp. But it conveniently has an FX loop and the speaker already has a jack. So for now I use the preamp of the bass amp for EQ and volume control then FX send to the tube amp then to the speaker. Eventually Im gonna finish my tube preamp then I wont need the SS section anymore. I have a second speaker to use and when I go get another piece of birch I can finish the second speaker cab. Be 2 10s at 8 ohms off the tube amp easy enough to swap a speaker jack and the bass amp works again. So it will be a nice little all tube micro stack. Should sound pretty good in stereo with my vjr.