Uh, well some good bands that play some pretty trippy music are Pink Floyd, Yes, The Grateful Dead, Phish and so on. A good psychedelic song usually has an extended jam session and ambient noise/ sound effects.
Listen to these songs:
One of these Days- Pink Floyd
Terrapin Station- The Grateful Dead
The Gates of Delirium- Yes
Radiohead, Album = Kid A

Lots of Radiohead. I like more contemporary 'Empire of the sun' they have some good tunes.
leslie speakers, flanger, and twangy guitar pretty much sum it up for me
Psychedelic tunes? One word, wah.
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He makes a good psychedelic tune.
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one of these days. ****ing amazing. set the controls for the heart of the sun. echoes. pink floyd rocks man. Third stone from the sun, hendrix. definately length and jamibility
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