G'day guys,

I figured it was time to sign up after spending countless hours trawling through these instead of working. I apologise if this has been asked before, I did a quick scan but couldn't find anything so just blast me if it has been.

I've been getting lessons in guitar for the last 5ish months and have been loving it. My question is though, what should I be learning? All I've done is learn songs. While this is fun and maximising my enjoyment, I'm playing with the aim of eventually joining a band and so am wondering if I should be learning some of the theory behind it? I haven't really had a look at any of the scales, and my knowledge of individual notes is non-existent.

Should I quit my complaining and continue to smash out songs with my teacher and then just read up on the other stuff in my own time?

if your teacher isn't teaching you chords, scales, notes on the fretboard, etc, then you should ask him to, because that stuff is really important.
Yeah I figured as much. I've picked up a lot of the chords just through learning songs. Are there any particular scales that are more important than others?
Major Scale > All other scales.

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Well, as long as he is teaching you chords, and you are practicing different songs to practice these chords, that is fine to start... but.... 5 months. You should already be well proficient in chords, and maybe it is time to learn a bit of theory. Every one learns different ways though. I didn't start learning theory until years after I started playing.
Appreciate all the advice guys. I'm fine with all the all the open chords, minors, power chords etc. and am just getting to work on mastering the barre chords. I'll definitely start on the theory aspect now though based on your comments.