My 12 year old little brother is pretty cool, but he's apathetic about music in general. Anyone got any recommendations (bands) for getting him into metal? Preferrably very easy listening stuff - I NEED HELP!

Also, anyone got any success stories involving getting siblings/family members into metal?
start in like hard rock (Van Halen, AC/DC stuff like that) then work him into stuff like Late Metallica/ Mid 90's Megadeth softer stuff, then just ease him in
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why push a type of music on him? let him listen to what ever he wants... unless its top 20 radio
Yeah i think thats the way to go cukd. I think my problem was I tried to start him with the new Bloodbath album. I assumed seeing as I jizzed my jocks he would too, turns out its an aquired taste, who'da thunk?

And lol, loudog, he doesn't listen to ANYTHING. And when he does, yes, its top 20's radio

Eh you can't really force anyone to like a specific type of music. You could introduce them to some metal though. For example my dad in highschool loved Sabbath and Zeppelin (and still does-and no I'm calling Zeppelin metal-but they are a good stepping stone towards metal), so I suggest maybe he listen to some Maiden and Metallica-and he really dug them. Then he started liking Megadeth. So slowly he got more and more into metal in a natural process. But there's no real way of making them like it (and that's ok).

But yeah as far as the gateway bands for metal in my experience with people I've talked to Sabbath and Metallica tend to be very effective at this. Maiden and Priest are also good starting points.

It's rare to get into Death or Black metal right away say, it's usually the process. So after those, maybe some Megadeth/Slayer/bands such as that who're still metal, a little tougher to swallow-but not too too difficult too. And if he's not into metal, who really cares ya know? There's tons and tons of kick ass non-metal music out there.
Yeah, I wouldn't mind if he was into indie or whatever, but hes not into anything. I think I'll make some Maiden, Van Halen, Judas Priest etc mixes, nudge him in that direction. Gateway bands is a good way to put it.
there's nothing better than getting a sibling into metal. I got my 15 year old sister to stop listening to my chemical romance and I gave her all my cd's (don't worry people its all on my ipod). Now she listens to metallica and black sabbath haha.
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why push a type of music on him? let him listen to what ever he wants... unless its top 20 radio


You might recommend some bands for him to listen to, but it is really ridiculous to want to force someone to like a certain genre of music.

If he starts getting into Metal, great, but if he doesn't, just don't keep pushing the issue.
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why push a type of music on him? let him listen to what ever he wants... unless its top 20 radio


Dont force it on him.
don't push, let it flow into him.
But if you have to push, start with bands like Alestorm, Circus of Dead Squirrels, etc. Bands that aren't as metal as others out there but still are quite metal. Let him listen to 8 bit piece of **** by Circus of Dead Squirrels and he'll be all over metals nuts like Big Gay Al on Mr. Slave's!
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I was a little forward. Ill give him some soft stuff, and hope theres some chemistry. NWOBHM here we come. I hope he lieks :S
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