first off im a newb but been on this site FOREVER just forgot my old login and stuff...newys i need help BAD..im more of a ear playing and im horrible and reading/writing out guitar..i was wondering who can write music here? b/c i need it BAD for a tattoo....

here is a email i sent a friend but he cant read/write the **** either and he is in a fairly big band...we all suck...neways

o you know how to read/write music for guitar...like writing out sheet music...the song is a fairly easy song im talking about...im going on the 21st and getting part of a song tattooed on me...but i cant find the musical sheet music to the song ANYWHERE...and im horrible at reading music...although they are all single note strikes... i just need it and need it to be right so i dont look like a moron LMAO....

http://www. youtube. com/watch?v=mDKOwIimLWY

neways the song is "Bleed" from cold and i just need it transcribed from 1:39 in this video to 2:18 or maybe 19 where it ends and goes back into the chorus so from

...im going to get the tattoo going from the top of my arm all the way down to the wrist but going around my arm with the lyrics following it down to my wrist ending with marry melody on my wrist...
i cant wait!!! YOUR THE MAN.....haha...goodtimes...but really i need help lol
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