As the title asks..
I've been looking for my first "good" guitar after a year and a half of playing my cheap Chinese guitar. The brand is called "Perfect"... try looking that up on google

I've been to my local guitar store a few times, and a guitar center, and played a bunch. I've found a few that were nice (takamine ean40c, parkwood pw320m, etc.), but none that felt special. Am I being too critical in my search and should just pick up a "nice" guitar or keep looking for the guitar?
Keep looking until you are completely satisfied.

But don't overthink it, if you pick up a guitar, start playing it, and if It feels/sounds right to YOU, not anybody else, than you've found your guitar.
yeah me and my buddy found the guitar in the soundproof room at gc. It was a vintage strat sounded amazing and was 4 grand i think. I'll probably just end up getting or making a custom guitar to my exact specifications with the highest quality materials.
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Why do you want a merely "good" guitar when you have a PERFECT one already?
Nah, just just kiddin. But it isn't rocket science... if you pick up a guitar and it sounds/feels good and you find it noticeably easier and more comfortable to play... go for it.
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Man, my perfect feeling guitar is a standard telecaster. I never wanted to try one claiming things like "they're gay" and "they're for country". I'm thinking of changing the bridge to a humbucker and putting in a fender wide range pup or maybe a seymour duncan.
It's tough when you are trying out a bunch of good guitars. For me, a lot has to do with the vibe from the instrument, aside from the actual physicality of the instrument.

if that makes any sense at all...
Just play. Sit down with a guitar and play the heck out of it...fast, slow, upbeat, grungy....everything you want. If it is right, you will know it. I know that sounds very zen, but it really will just sort of dawn on you.

My epiphany came when I picked up a Martin 000-15...and it was perfect....in everyway. The tone was exactly what I wanted (and it didn't look bad either :P)

I knew I just had to have it....so I saved up for ages and finally got it.
I don't play acoustic, but I know when I got my violin I went through quite a few til they brought her out, and I fell in love as soon as I played her. You'll know when its the right one.