All right, I am trying to get a band going so I've started working on my own material.
These 3 tabs have everything except vocals/lyrics but still need some touching up and I'd really like some advice 'cause I'm not a great songwriter
Thanks in advance

(I've also included in the zips the .gp3 and MIDI files on the off-chance they are needed by someone )
untitled songs.zip
Nah its not corrupt but what i believe may be is that where u have ur repeat bars and repeat times may be misplaced there fore throwing the system out of whack, if it works on yours it just must be mine
Okay...the attachment thing under my post says "0 views" so you must be some kind of dickhead then...
What the hell, person?

EDIT: the above message is rash and for that, I apologize--did you try importing the MIDI version of the song?
I did not use any repeats in any part of any of my songs
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