Two that I am thinking about so far are the B-52 at100 head or the Peavey Valveking, at least 60 watts or so. (since thats what i can afford right now). so ya, i am going to be playing like screamo or post hardcore or whatever its called. but stuff like Alesana, The Devil Wears Prada, A Day to Remember, Chiodos, A Skylit Drive (along the lines of that). Around that $600 price range or less would be cool. Right now the guitar i have is an Ibanez rg2ex2 and a squier strat. and what would be a good 4x12 cab to go along with it? (something around $300.)
Why don't you add the $300 in your cab budget to your $600 head budget and get yourself a nice used combo for $900?"

Possibly a 5150/6505?
where would i find one? i always check craiglist and stuff but no luck.

and i dont have all the money yet, im kinda just throwing out around how much im going to spend. but that is a good idea.
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Keep checking Craigslist or ebay. Possibly keep an eye on your local newspapers classified ads.

I'm not one of those people who goes around telling everyone "YOU DONT NEED A HALFSTACK!!" because I own a full stack and a halfstack myself - but with your budget you will be able to get a better quality amp if you go with a used combo rather than getting a half stack.
Probably should be able to find a used 5150/6505 combo for $500-600. Have you checked ebay? Can always add a 4x12 cab later on if you feel you need it. Or save up a little longer and get a 6505/5150 head + a 4x12 cab at the same time.
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