This piece is one that I composed while in year 10. I recently came across it while searching through my old guitar pro files and decided to add the choir part.
The whole piece is still fairly short and I'm not quite sure if i should increase the length or not.
Any advise would be greatly appreciated and will C4C.
Cream Liqueur.zip
Intro - Liked it. Had a very cool country feel to it.

Bars 9 - 19: Very smooth. You were right to add the choir part to it, it really brings out the melody and emotion of the song.

Bars 21 - 26: Kinda stumbled around a little. I could understand what you were trying to do but it sounded a little off-beat and didnt have the same flow as the beginning of the song

Bars 27 - 36: Again a very good riff. I especially like the first ending where the guitar slides up to that high note.

Bars 37 - 42: I would work on the choir riff on this part. The choir on its own sounds okay and the guitar on its own sounds okay, but together its out of sync. It just sounds sloppy.

43 - End: Sounds good. I would add another riff to back it up though. The one guitar by itself sounds lonely and drops the momentum built up by the rest of the song.

Overall, it sounds like a good song to play around a bonfire for your friends/family. If you want to record it I would definately consider adding more to it. Also Id like to hear some lyrics!
Since I critiqued yours, how about taking a look at mine?