Poll: How often do you shave down there?
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Voters: 52.
As I was sitting on the toilet today I started wondering how often do people shave their puuubes. I get lazy and trim it, but very, very occasionally. A friend of mine shaved his into an arrow pointing down, yes he is a douche but that's funny as a dog with a blanket thrown over it's head.

But seriously, how do you shave down there?
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it's like the amazon down there

that was total sarcasm im not telling you
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Weekly homie. I keep it cut like a pornstar.
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I trim regularly. I've shaved a few times, but I found that was a very bad idea...itchy as hell.
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depends on if i am consistantly getting laid

if so weekly
GO Islanders!

I normally trim once a month or two, but I usually shave it twice throughout the year.
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I trim regularly. I've shaved a few times, but I found that was a very bad idea...itchy as hell.

It's itchy only the first couple of times and if you let it regrow too much. I shave the buddies and trim the rest really short.

EDIT: i do so once a week.
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I am growing mine out...It is almost the length of the hair on my head

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I haven't done any maintenance down there in a few months... and if course it's the one time I get some unexpected action.
what is this.... pubic hair you speak of.
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