You mean contacting the company? If so i've done that. You never know one of the new guys could have something similar. Know what i mean?
hey!! thats my old guitar..i must have lost it cuz of them strippers and the booze and drugs and those strippers...anyway thanks for finding it for me but....

imma need that guitar back now...LOL

very nice looking guitar i wouldnt worry about all that..maybe search the net

samick guitars and try to find the one u got to see what its called..150 is cheap
looks very nice if it plays as good as u say U GOT A DEAL!!!
New ones from Greg Bennet are similar and but their not as good of quality plus theres not to many of them. They said mine is a orginal Samick from 91. I think my paint scheme is rare. Haven't seen one like it and Samick made just a few of these.
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