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We are a bay area based band called Buxomblonde (Alot of B's i know). I think we have a solid sound that teeters between Indie/Pop Punk/Alternative. We have a gig coming up that is at an actual venue, and i have a concern. We want to be taken seriously by the crowd and promoters, so i think we definitely need to set out to look like a legitimate band. usually bands don't all have different styles or outfits, except for ours.

Our guitarist/singer is more of a casual plain t shirt and jeans kinda guy, with the occasional sweater or button up shirt. I'm more in between, where i wear plain t's but also dress in polos, sweaters, button ups, but i also like to wear the skater shirts i used to wear. Our drummer is really bent on not caring about image, but he usually just wears anything he has. Our bassist is very specific in what he wears, black fedora, a black t (i've seen him wear colors like 5 times in the years i've known him).

I want to appear like a real band. I know many people think Image shouldn't be important, but in this world it is. What should i do? my guitarist/singer is in agreement with it, but the other two are on teetering on the fence. is there middle ground we can all meet at?
costumes are very 80s, im assuming you dont want to look like that. these days bands just dress nice. what i mean by that is just look good on stage and have fun.
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I think its important for you's to just wear what you want

Part of being in a band is working together and another part is having your own individuality otherwise we'd never be able to pick out favourites from the band eg Dave Grohl has his own style but if they all dressed the same and did the same thing you'd be like yeah i just like foo fighters and wouldnt be inspired by any of them
It seems like you guys all wear basically the same thing (except the bass player's hat). Don't worry about it.
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You should all wear pink elephant costumes

Just an idea
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dont wear costumes.

Dont co-ordinate your outfits.

When i play live, i just aim to look respectable, nearly always a shirt, somtimes a tie, black jeans, but thats just me. So long as you arent doing the two things i mentioned above, stop worrying about it, and concentrate on your music, and just as importantly your STAGE PRESENCE.

So many bands always forget this. If people want to listen to music, they can turn on a CD. They go to a gig to be entertained, so instead of just standing and playing, move around, use lights etc etc
Quote by jimmy_neutron

Dont co-ordinate your outfits.

(...) and just as importantly your STAGE PRESENCE.

I feel a well coordinated look adds to the stage presence. You don't have to overdo it, but if a band has coordinated outfits (like black shirt and jeans) the audience can see it more as a whole then when you see a couple of musicians that just jumped on stage together.
By co-ordinating i meant waering the exact same thing, as there isnt a lot of bands out there that can pull off going up on stage and wearing the exact same outfit. Co-ordintating in terms of looking similar can be good. For example

Wearing the exact same thing indeed fails massively :P Even thoguh it should be coordinated, peopel within the band still need to stan dotu in their own "style".
the other guitarist in my band and i fight about image almost everyday.

personally, i believe that people will respond more to the expression on a persons face than the clothes on his body. just love what youre doing up there man, and the rest will be fine.

that being said, i have drastically changed my appearance since joining this band. lol
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You want to try to make your image look unique but not forced. Our drummer wears a beanie and a camo army vest, our bassist wheres a "canadian tuxedo" (Jeans, Denim Jacket) and I go on in an Indian/Fringed Jacket w/bandanas. We do not look forced, and we look united yet still unique. Try to go for something simple you know?
If you want to keep a more unified look, just all go for the dark/black t-shirt and jeans look. That way everyone wins and your bassist can keep his "look" and hat!

But really you should all just be wearing what makes you feel comfortable. If it's your first gig, no doubt you'll be feeling nervous as it is, so worrying about what you're wearing is nonsensical when your priority at your first show is to sound great and make people interested.

Once you've got a few shows under your belt and people are taking notice - THEN worry about your image.

But to be honest, as long as your band doesn't comprise of a Bowie "Aladin Sane era" wannabe, a wannabe Kiss member, a 70's punk throw back and a Womble, as far as image goes, you're pretty much fine!!
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Just be comfortable. When I would play a show I would wear jeans and a buttoned up shirt or a polo sorta thing. I looked "nice" but still had a "rock" sorta image.
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But to be honest, as long as your band doesn't comprise of a Bowie "Aladin Sane era" wannabe, a wannabe Kiss member, a 70's punk throw back and a Womble, as far as image goes, you're pretty much fine!!

I would pay money just to see a band that went on stage like that. It would definitely be entertaining.

Just saying ....

Seriously, as long as you guys look somewhat unified, you'll be fine.
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I think you should all dress like the Village People.

But seriously, I wouldn't worry too much it sounds like you guys are fine the way you are.