Narrowed it down to these to. The DC-5 is retolexed in burgundy, new tad tubes, new caps replaced, ldr's replaced. it's good for a long time. It's 700 shipped and i think im gonna go with it.

The .50 cal+.. is 580 shipped. relatively new jj tubes, your run of the mill .50 cal+.

Tonally, how are these two different? I like alot of tight metal stuff, but good cleans too.

It's a hard choice. I was gonna get an f50 but theyre a little harder to find and cost more.

Btw, pics of the retolexing.. its so pretty oh and the handle was replaced

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Congrats dude. I kinda want a BJ too 'cause I like them so much. I'll check your clipz later.

dc-5 ftw! that thing looks sweet
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Now that is one sexy amp! BUY it! lol

Tonally, the DC should be similar to the F-series, but probably minus the Recto influence that the F-series has (so it'll probably be more voiced like a Mk series amp, whereas the F-series is kinda like a Mark meets a Recto).

Note that I've never actually played a DC-5, but I own an F-50 head and 2x12 cab. But I gotta say, would not mind having a graphic EQ at all.
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The DC-5. They have a loud, but very nice clean channel. You'll hear a mixed Mark and earlier Recto sound out of the amp. It's hard to describe, but you'll hear what I mean if you buy/try one. I've said it in another thread recently, the DC amps are very underrated.
for the extra $120 i think you'll really appreciate having the 2 separate controls for each channel
Having owned both, the .50 is voiced a lot darker than the DC-5, also you don't get individual EQ for each channel with the .50

I say go for the DC-5
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