Is this how, its supposed to be
Sanity slipping from me
Feeling helpless, plagued by this disease
I've searched for truth, no relief it brings
Though I've fought, still it reigns
No self infliction, can amount to the pain
I feel inside, when I hear your name

I've been consumed, inside your flame
This lust for me, your loves in vain
How much more, can I take
To watch your face, you feel no shame

Not this time, never again
When I close the door, this is the end
No more games, I'm not your slave
I'll leave you here, in this place
Let you see, the fiction you have made
See how far you go, trying to escape
Abandoned, all alone, and no ones home

[chorus again]

How does it feel
When no one even knows your gone

**** would really like to hear your thoughts on my first post.