k i need help deciding on what i should get for a new guitar!
budget is quite low- max will probably be $600

im looking for an all rounder/versatile guitar, sounds good clean and with effects...not just a metal sounding etc.

a guitar thts reliable to gig with n quality hardware (wiring etc.)

i know it sounds like a $800-$1000+ guitar but plz just help me out with a recommend....i dunno, but i was thinking epihone LP-100? i dunno

buying online not possible x]
Just get a MIM Standard Fat Strat. It's a Strat so you know it'll sound great clean, and it's cheap enough where if you want a really heavy sound you can change out the humbucker at the bridge.
oh yeh...me in aus lol
i like the sound of a MIM strat..(as in getting it, not its actual sound, but im sure itll sound good)
Correct me if I'm wrong but $600AUS isn't very much when talking about the price of guitars in Australia?

You might struggle to pick up a MIM strat for that. I think the high end Squier's might be reachable though. Or you could buy 'used'?
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Id say an Epiphone Les Paul Standard, depending on how much they are in the US.

this, got one myself and they are awesome
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Id say an Epiphone Les Paul Standard

+2. You wont go wrong with a MIM Strat HSS either.
Try an ESP, better build guitars, better electronics, better pickups, better woods, better all around. Go used.