So I finally got myself a cheap variax 300 - but there are a couple of wee catches (which I knew about - like i said, it was cheap)

(1) The battery pack is missing (see pic). I can get a replacement battery pack here but what else is missing? Just a cover? What is the raised bar with the screwhole for ? Maybe someone could post a pic of what is should look like ?

(2) The power supply/footswitch is also missing. That's okay for now, I can just use a PP3, but I might like to fix that in the future. So far I have found this fella which is low on detail. Is the cable from the footswitch to the guitar a seperate item again ? Is it a standard cable ?

Thanks in advance for any assistance UGers!
Hi there, I have a variax 700. but I've sold the 300 and 600's before. your just missing the cover (screw hole is for the cover door) & battery pack (you get about 12 hours from the 6 AA's or 2-3 hours using a 9vlt battery. as for the active di box the lead from the box to your amp is a standard guitar lead. The lead from your guitar to the box should be a TRS (tip/ring/sleave) to provide power to your variax instead of the battery pack, Planet waves make some nice ones. Hope this helps.

If I were you I wouldn't worry too much about the battery door and maybe just velcro the battery pack in. Want to know anything alse just ask.
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Great stuff - thanks for your help Clinical Notes

After doing some more digging, it seems the A/B box is not suitable for the Variax 300, so i need an XPS Mini instead.

As you said, CN, the TRS is a bog standard cable and it turns out the PSU is just 9V @2A. I have lots of guff lying around with which i could probably patch something together.........

Just wondering if anyone knows of a Line 6 / Variax modding resource (lots of googling has come up with transplants, mostly) whereby I could get the pinouts of the cable.

If all that's needed is to apply 9V to two of the three cores of the TRS, then it's definitely going to be a home-made job
ive seen the xps power supply quite often on ebay at reasonable prices. your probably better off getting what belongs rather than taking the chance of frying your boards. on the other hand you could probably use a 9 v power supply with no more than 2000 ma just change the end to one for a 9 volt battery and clip it to the battery connection. the reason i say 2000 ma is because thats what the origonal power supply puts out.