It took me a few years to get here, but I think I'm finally somewhat satisfied with my tone. Within the last year I either sold/traded 5 tube amps (Marshall JTM60, Peavey XXX, Randall RM50, Randall RM100 and Fishman Loudbox - not a tube amp, but an acoustic amp), 4 guitars (Taylor 314CE, Schecter C-1 Classic "Vine Of Life", PRS Tremonti SE and Epiphone Les Paul Custom Black Beauty) and a few misc. things (pedals, modules) to get my rig now. As you can see I have a bad case of GAS and I'm a business man. I took what I had and flipped it for either something better or something I could use to obtain something better. Damn, I should be a GM for a sports team, ha. My rigs in my sig....
Ive owned a Marshall DSL combo, sold it after 2 weeks and one gig, didnt suit my style at the time. Then i tried a TSL head mainly because i found it cheap enough, again it just didnt cut it.

My beloved 5150 i had for a couple of years, still my favourite rhythm sound to this day, but i needed lots more channel options and versatility to be frank. I still feel bad for selling that

I've spent the last few years building up my rack, i'm actually satisfied with my sound at the moment, but im going to invest in a new poweramp over the summer.

Rocktron chameleon preamp
Peavey classic 50/50 power
TC electronics D-two
ISP pro rack G
Furman PL-plus 2
Rocktron intellifex
Rocktron Midi mate

Framus 2x12 w/V-30's (might upgrade to some emminence swamp thangs at some point)
Mesa 2 channel Triple Rectifier
Marshall DSL100
Peavey Classic 30
Avatar 4x12 w/v30s
Stereo Memory Man
Carbon Copy
MXR 10 band eq
Maxon OD808
Schecter C-1 classic (for sale)
Fender mim strat
Hamer 27 fret californian w/invader in the bridge

I had to trade a beat up epi LP for the strat, other than that I just saved up my pay checks. Selling the c-1 though, and I'm gonna add on an LP again, and a tele and a 2x12 so I can run the Marshall and Mesa in stereo.
Rig 1:

Peavey Backstage
Noname SG copy
Boss HM-3

total price: $150

Rig 2:

Schecter C1 classic
Spider III

Total price: $1000

Rig 3:

Schecter C1 Classic
B-52 AT 112
Digitech Bad Monkey
Line6 Constrictor

total price: $1650

Rig 4:
Schecter C1 Classic + EMG 81/85
LTD MH-400

ENGL Blackmore + 2x12 Framus V30 cab

TC Electronics G-sharp
Behringer BTR 2000

Total Price: $2900

Future rig 5:

Schecter C1 Classic + EMG81/85
LTD MH-400
Schecter ATX 7 string

ENGL Invader + 4x12 Orange V30

TC Electronics G-major
Behringer BTR 2000
Fuhrman power conditioner
BTX compressor
Behringer MIDI board

Total price: $5100
WTLTL 2011
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I got my guitar and amp for free, from my sister. She never played them, and I got to be better than her. I got another amp for free, and my main acoustic for free, but I actuallly had to pay for my effects. I bought a Crybaby new for $80, and a used Big Muff for $50. As you can see, I'm pretty cheap. But I'm proud of it!
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Started with a 30 year old classical guitar I found in my garage (still have it)

Then got a squire strat and a Kustom Dual 35DFX

Bought a Blues Deluxe Reissue, TS-9, TU-2

Bought a LP Studio (sold the Kustom at the same time), smashed the squire at a show, also got a wireless system

Bought an Avatar 2x12

Have a Soldano clone coming soon, will be selling the blues deluxe at that time.

In the far future will be picking up a Fender Twin Reverb.
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Gibson LP Studio
Fender Blues Deluxe Reissue
Avatar G212H (1xG12H30 1xAlnico Gold)
TS-9 Screamer
Boss Tu-2
Line6 X2-XDS Plus

The Band
I've been building my rig since the summer, and I've got over 20 pedals, a Sunn Sonic I-40 running into an Ampeg V4 4x12, a baritone Fender Jaguar, a goldtop Epiphone SG, and I bought and sold an MiM Tele. I've also owned at least 50 pedals at some point or another (since mid summer).


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100 dollar acoustic guitar some chick painted it and never gave it back, no loss

Affinity squier + squier SP10 sold SP10 to GC, still have the body of the squier

Crate GX 65 great amp for the 100 bucks I paid for it, sold it to a friend

Jimmie vaughan strat I've modded the crap out of it and still have it, amazing guitar IMO

Hot rod deluxe sold for what I paid for it

Mesa F30 Sold for what I paid for it

Blues jr I still have

Crate Power Block

Current rig

Jimmie vaughan strat -> Fulltone Fulldrive 2 -> Blues jr -> Weber miniMASS -> Crate Powerblock

Looking to invest in a new speaker, a closed back cab, a new transformer for the BJr and a british distortion pedal.
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I received my first guitar ('96 MIM Tex-Mex Stratocaster) as a hand-me-down from my older brother. When I went off to school, he used some store credit he had at our local shop to buy me a Blues Junior as a gift (nice brother, I know). After a year or so I saved enough to buy my MIA Highway One Stratocaster to go along with my BJ, after which I gave my brother back his beater.

I've been really, really, really picky about what I buy, so I've never really had to wheel-and-deal to get something I like. But so far its:

Fender MIA Highway One Stratocaster (SSS) >
Analogman CompROSSor >
Fulltone OCD >
Sovtek Big Muff Pi >
Roger Mayer Custom Classic Fuzz >
Pigtronix EP-1 Envelope/Phaser >
MXR Carbon Copy Analog Delay >
Fender Blues Junior
Fighting the good fight since 'ought-diggity.

My Gear

"When you think of it, a really good effect should not mean that your search is over; it should mean that your journey is just getting started."
Here's how it went

Toneblaster 25 > MG250dfx > Peavey Windsor > Mesa Single Recto > Mesa Triple Recto

Ibanez gio 6 and 7 string > Epi Baritone les paul > Epi Alpine Les Paul custom.

I wish I still had that Baritone.
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Started off with an American Stratocaster and a Marshall MG-10 which I got for my 10th birthday

Replaced the MG-10 with an MG-50

Bought a Boss MT-2 Metal Zone pedal

Bought a Schecter C-1 Hellraiser FR

Bought a Peavey Valveking 212 Combo

Sold the MT-2

Sold the MG-50

Bought a Digitech Bad Monkey

Bought a Boss NS-2 and GE-7
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Bought some stuff, sold some stuff, traded some stuff for some better stuff and now I have the stuff I have now.. The end

Peavey XXX combo *upgraded screen resistors, Tung-Sol's, and 6L6's*
Schecter Syn Std. * modded, scalloped, and worn*
Schecter C-1 Elite *still sexy*
Ibanez AEL 12-string

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it started out

squier HSS strat
IBZ10 practice amp

a few months later my friend let me borrow his korg AX5G
squier HSS strat
IBZ10 practice amp
KORG AX5G processor

then of course i got the pod and i was running it stereo along with my bass amp

same strat
IBZ10 on left, peavey microbass 20 on right

then i got the acquisition of some decent speakers to run it through
HSS strat
create labs 2.1 speakers (planning on replacing with studio monitors within the next few months)

eventually its gonna be moving onto t00bz though, and perhaps my brother will let me borrow one of his gibbies or his old ibanez

Ibanez RG7321 w/ D-sonic in bridge

Peavey 5150 mk ii & b52 4x12 cab

line 6 podxt for recording

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My current amp is a modified Marshall DSL401 and I sold my previous amp to get it, which was a Crate GT65. My current guitar is an Ibanez RGT42 with Bare Knuckle pickups. I love it but had to sell a Fender Stratocaster Ritchie Sambora model with OFR and a DiMarzio Super Distortion to get it. I miss the Fender in many ways but overall I prefer the Ibanez. It just suits me better.
Gibson Les Paul Studio with Catswhiskers pickups
PRS SE 'Floyd' Custom 24 with Creamery pickups
Fender Standard Stratocaster with DiMarzio pickups
Takamine GN30
BluGuitar AMP1