pretty simple. give me some pros and cons on both of these.
im leaning toward the standard as opposed to the custom.
but im really unsure.



sorry about the long links
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The custom, don't bother with sig ranges, over priced most of the time, plus the custom is just plain better.

sorry, my bad, thats not a sig range, still go custom however.
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yeah, its not a sig, and its been upgraded with the pickups, but the originals are still included. and also there have been push pull pots installed on the standard for coil splitting. but the custom is a bit more vintage and all that haha.
im torn!
Hmm now that you mention the coil taps I would go with the standard, adds a whole other dimension of ability having a single sound aswell as humbucker. Thats assuming theyr connected and not just installed lol.

'Tis a close one for sure however, you shuld do some serious thinking on it.

PS( personally I think the standard looks nicer but the custom would play better, saying that tho theyd both still play godly)
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Washburn WD-18SW
Ibanez RGR421EXFM
Genz Benz El Diablo 100w -> Framus Dragon 412
Boss GE-7
Ibanez TS-9
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if you're not worried about the price difference i'd go the standard personally. Especially with those seymours, assuming you like your guitar nice and hot. I'd much rather play it in person before I decided, just because it says it's well set up, doesn't mean it is, or that it'll last.
id usually say custom but that standard actually looks better than the custom and wit the coil split and seymours that throws a whole other dimension into it.

500 more might be a big difference for you tho. i dunno.
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They are pretty much the same except for the trim, tuners and inlays most Customs and Standards play and sound so close to each other it's all a matter of preference and price. At least the owner of the Standard was smart enough to keep the old pups and elec I hate when people upgrade a LP and don't have the old parts an all original Gibson LP is always worth more than one customized IMHO. The price range would be what I would go by myself so I would buy the Custom over the Standard.

i deffinetly like the looks of that standard more

the customs have imo way too much trim, it looks overdone and tacky

however i like the headstock better

but yeah id go for the standard myself
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I like the standard more myself! The fretboard inlays on the custom are a little overdone IMO & I like the wood showing everywhere vs solid colour on the tops. I also like the smaller crown inlay on the headstock vs the larger custom version. Having said that, most of the differences are cosmetic and I'm sure you'd enjoy either if you're an LP fan.
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