I'm sure most of you would have experienced at some point the pure awesome-ness of looking up a song you haven't tried playing in ages, and suddenly finding that you have much less trouble with it than you used to. It's pretty cool to realize how far you've come sometimes, in terms of improvement, especially when it's not expected.

In particular, yesterday was the first meeting of this music society sort of thing I joined at university. I'm not saying that I'm a brilliant performer myself; on the contrary, the compulsory everyone-must-perform-something thing was unexpected to no one else but me, so I crappily played a very short acoustic instrumental solo because I seriously hadn't thought that they were seriously going to make everyone play individually at first. I had been expecting it to be one of those random optional threat sort of things, ugh. Anyway, I suddenly had a bad case of nerves-induced left hand shaking, even though it was only like 6 or 8 people, so WTF! I seriously need to work on that and practise way more.

Anyway, moving on from that last paragraph of digression, the bit I found really strange to realize was that I could suddenly hear and see all of the mistakes everyone else was making. I never noticed it before, but all of a sudden, I found that I could tell if someone was n00b-ish or seemingly self-taught, and what they were doing wrong. For example, some other guitarists moved their fingers way too much off the fretboard, which is highly inefficient, and seemed to resort to using their first fingers way too much when they played, so I could tell that they were self-taught or kind of new at guitar, as no teacher could possibly encourage such sloppy playing. Similarly, I could tell when someone was more advanced, and I could see the chords they were playing and stuff...argh, I don't really know how to describe it, but it was a cool feeling. It was kind of disappointing that I wasn't too great myself, but surely it was a positive to have improved in this awareness of sorts. I guess I seriously never took notice of any of that stuff before, but hopefully it's a sign of improvement. If I can tell other people's standards more efficiently now, well...I hope that it's a good thing!

Well, that's just my random almost-epiphany-ful story. What about YOU?

Gah, my stomach hurts a bit. Damn those plastic bag expired cookies. T_T
I love it when I can play a song I used to not be able to play haha
Like when I first started playing, about 3 months in, I tried to learn Master of Puppets, but I had no idea what I was doing since I was self-taught. Then about 6 months later, I went back to the tab and learned the whole thing with ease
Nothing better than that feeling of success
haha yeah, its like when I first tried playing "I've always thought of you" by tommy emmanuel about a year in, self taught. Then I randomly tried it a year later and it only took me a couple hours to learn. feels good, mannn.