I have the opportunity to buy the 1x12 combo version of a Mesa DC-3 for $650 Canadian. I haven't seen it yet but it has new tubes, comes with the footswitch and is supposed to be in pretty good condition. Can anyone with experience with this amp or any knowledge of it tell me if this is a reasonable price, pros cons about the amp, etc.

Thanks for any relevant information.
I personally don't know a lot about it but I think that is a pretty fair price. Depending on what you play that should be a great amp for you.

Also, don't create 2 threads on the same thing. I didn't bother reporting you because nobody responded to either thread. Technically you are allowed to bump your own thread every 24 hours and as long as it is not annoying you can bump sooner than that if you are really in a bind. So just bump instead of creating multiple threads on the same thing and Good Luck.

Do it. 650 Canadian is like 500 USD, which is pretty good for a used DC-3 combo with new tubes and a footswitch.