Ok so at the moment I use my small Roland Cube 30x meaning i have quite alot of distortion and stuff to mess on with but the roland being what it is it, it is amoslt impossible to switch form clean to distortion when playing with my band so I was going to buy a pedal until a realised I have no idea about them!

There are no music shops worth going to where I live so I'd have to order it from the intenet which means very little try before you buy. I was going to buy the Boss multi pedal MX-50 but i've decided a stomp box might be better atm.

My band play pop punk and rock so id need a pedal sutiable for that sort of Blink 182, Sum 41 sounds. Buget isnt particularly important I'll pay what needs to be paid but I want a nice sound its not always the most expensive that does that, any thoughts?
boss ds1 cheap as chips and will sound good. if you fancy a bit of diy you can buy a mod kit off ebay and make it a little warmer and more responsive.

Or if you want to spend a little more, the crowther hotcake is the sh!t
boss ds1 is pretty good. go to youtube and type in what pedals you are looking for and you can hear people playing on them.
The Digitech Grunge sounds great, but I am biased against their stuff because I've had a few of their pedals break on me.

The good thing about a DS-1 is there are tons of different mods out for it if you want to add some character to an already good pedal!
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Just buy a Boss footswitch to compliment your amp...


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Your band can hear your cube?

But yeah, your cheapest option would be to buy the footswitch for your amp.
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Quote by apollo66

But yeah, your cheapest option would be to buy the footswitch for your amp.