im looking for intermediate songs to play on acoustic or classic guitar..

songs like the intro to stairway to heaven or babe im gonna leave you..
that sort of things...

if any one can help - it would be much appreciated

thanks ...
try classical gas (eric clapton)
over the hills and far away (zepplin)
F*$K you gently (tenacious d)
double team supreme (tenacious d) <-- the second half isnt fitting your request, but the begining sounds great on acoustic
Don Ross lol...no but try stuff like Desiderata by The Human Abstract or Sotto Voce by same band, or Asilos Magdalena by The Mars Volta, or this one part in Paper Weight Pigs by The Number Twelve Looks Like You. You can give A Murder To Child by Psyopus a try too if you think you're really good.
tnx! really..
ive been stuck on like 2 songs that i just play over and over on my guitar
im sure ill get some new stuff from these songs...

tnx for the help...!