Anybody know the difference between these two elixir strings?

I've been playing with nanowebs on my acoustic for over a year and just recently put a fresh pack of polywebs on.....i can't tell the difference.

Can you guys?
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The coating on the Polywebs is slightly thicker. Plus, the Nanowebs come in phosphor-bronze, while the Polywebs don't. Love those.
i can only speak for the acoustic elixirs since those are the only ones i've used...

polyweb - older model - heavier coating over strings, alot more slick..almost feels in between nylon and steel, and has a very "warm" (some will say "dull" as well) tone.

nanoweb - newer model - lighter coating over strings, its slick but you can still feel the strings (if you can imagine spraying PAM over your strings...thats about how it feels), and has a "warm" tone (not as warm as polywebs)

personally, i use nanowebs on my martins and i enjoy them alot although i only do fingerstyle on my acoustics and i really enjoy very warm tones (D15+elixirs=awesome!).

if you enjoy bright tones on acoustic, you will probably not like the sound of elixirs....