Hi, I've been playing bass for a couple of months now an am getting pretty good but in between my lessons i sometimes get bored an play about with my little brothers epiphone les paul, any how i mentioned to my mum that it was fun an she said that she new someone who had a guitar they didn't want. Anyway turns up today in a battered old case signs arn't good but inside is a japanese statocaster from 1985-87 ish according to the serial number records on the fender website. Its in pretty good condition theres a few scratches and one spot where the paints come off. All the knobs and pickups have a faded yellow tinti to them now and the bridge is a bit rusty. I'm just wondering what advice you guys can offer, with cleaning it any upgrades i should look into. Please remember this world of guitars is a bit new to me so im sorry if theres obvious things that i have no clue about. Thanks
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Post pics! It's kinda rule around here.

I would probably leave the scratches and stuff but clean the rust off depending on the extent of the problem.
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You have to upload the pics to a photobucket or similar account. Then once they are uploaded you copy the link with the tags around it into a post.

1. That isn't a damn tele.

2. It's beautiful. Don't ****ing touch it.
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that's a sweet guitar and by all means go for it. But am I the only one confused why the serial number says its a Tele when it is clearly a strat?
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I'm such a noob sorry guys I keep gettin the names mixed up for sum reason :s . So you dnt think I should change the yellowish pickups?
no, it looks awesome. and probably sounds awesome too.
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It has tempted me to bcome a guitar player rather than bass but it sound better once if got some new strings . I think I have some rotosounds in my house somewere...