My search for a new head ended this afternoon. Just turning the amp on from standby makes 309 babies around the world cry. I can't wait to take this to our rehearsal space on Saturday. I don't feel like typing up a long story right now, I'd much rather play the amp before I have to go to work. Here's some pics of the new Recto paired with my Peavey JSX cab.

Disclaimer: Please change your underpants and wash your hands before posting. Thank you.
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Very nice
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Yngwi3, You win this whole monstrosity of a thread.

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jizzed in my pants
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Thanks everyone! The amp is sick! Maybe I'll post some clips tomorrow if I get a chance.

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jizzed in my pants

I knew I should have included a disclaimer at the end of my post. I'll have to edit my post.

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i think one of those 309 babies included me

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Now whats this about an MG??

I mean come on now - we all know that the crushing overdrive of an MG would tonally rape your new Recto... should have gone with the cheap amp with the nice "Marshall" logo on it!

Oh yea, sweet amp dude! Clipzorz??? please???
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There was a shiny new MG stack ten feet away. I was tempted by the devil.


Very nice rig, congrats!
I believe in the this case MG stands for Morgasmic. A whole new level of orgasm that can only be achieved by awesome tone and obscene amounts of baby tears.

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Sweet. I'm not much of a Recto fan, but if you liek it that's all that matters.
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Vintage mode has the Mark series vibe going on. I'm using vintage mode for leads since the mids are smoother and more rounded out.
I always liked Mesa pr0nz.
HNAD, clips or I will burn your testicles in liquid acid.
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good looking amp
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